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Excel Charts


I am preparing charts for an AGM.

The first one is to show Total Funds over the last 4 years.

I have the EXcel sheet with the year (formatted) in on row, and the Total Funds in the row beneath.

When I convert to a chart, the years are reversed, so that 2012 appears last, instead of first.

Can anytone help on this please.

Many thanks,



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That's the default plotting order

If you want to reverse the order, right click the X axis, Format Axis, Scale, check Categories in reverse order.

At least that's what you do in Excel 2003!

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Move legend


If you are using excel 2007 + then right click on the chart and press "select data source"

Select the relevant legend entry in the box on the left hand side and change the order by clicking on the small arrow next to the remove box.

Hope that helps



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reverse chart

Are you sorted with help from PM and Jermy?

If not, when you are selecting what to chart start with the rows and columns taht represent the earlier years first.


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