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Excel goto function?

Excel goto function?

Hello Peeps

I am looking at a cell which has a reference to a cell in another worksheet. Is there a function that will take me straight to the other worksheet without physically searching for it? I use Excel 2007.


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By James_V
24th Apr 2012 14:22

"Ctrl + G" should be what you

"Ctrl + G" should be what you need

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to NH
24th Apr 2012 14:31

Thanks. That's similar to the function 5 button, but doesn't actually take me direct to the other worksheet the highlighted cell is refering to.

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By James_V
24th Apr 2012 15:16

Alternatively, use the Formulas >> Trace Precedents function (accessible from the ribbon)

Double-clicking on the arrow which appears will allow you to navigate directly there

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24th Apr 2012 22:02

Try Ctrl + [

That's a square bracket, and ithttp://www.accountingweb.co.uk/technology then highlights the cells referred to. Ctrl+] takes you to dependents

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25th Apr 2012 15:12

Depending on how many cells you are talking about...

you can use hyperlinks to take you to other places in your workbook.  I have, in the past, used these extensively to create fully drillable final accounts packages for audit, even down to PDFs of source documents.  A tip thouglater!h; unless there are multiple references to the same cell add a 'Back' cell and hyperlink it back to where you came from.  This saves loads of time

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By fpurves
25th Apr 2012 15:49

How to jump directly there...

Little know secret.... :)


Take off the " edit directly in cell function" with  excel options.

[ okay so you lose the ability to edit in the cell  but I do think most people go up to the main header bar anyway to edit functions].

Once this is off - if you double click on the cell that contains the link - then hey presto !!! it immediately jumps to the cell it references to whether in the same or another workbook.

Another upside of taking off the " edit in cell function" is if youhave a cell that is =sum then double clicking on it will hightlight all the cells that are summed - always a handy one if not just summing a straight list.



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