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Excel question - can't unhide rows

This is probably really easy for all you Excel whizz-kids out there - HELP.

I have hidden rows 1-65 in an excel sheet.

I need access to these rows, but when I highlight the whole area or sheet, the HIDE/UNHIDE options do not appear and therefore I cannot unhide my hidden rows.

Please can anyone suggest a solution?

Many thanks in advance!



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Here is how I do it
Left click and hold on row 66 (ie on the number 66 itself) then move the mouse pointer up, so it goes up to the letters. Then release the mouse. Next right click row 66, chose unhide, and rows 1-65 will reappear.

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Excel query
When you say you have highlighted the whole area or sheet, have you done this by clicking in the border above row 1 and left of column A? When I do that, the Unhide option is not greyed out and achieves what you are trying to do.

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Try this!

First, is your data filtered? If so, first remove your filter (Data/filter/autofilter)

If you type A1 in the box in the top left that contains a cell reference, press enter, then hold the shift key and select row 66, you should now be able to unhide your rows.


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Protected sheet?
Have you 'protected' the sheet after you hid the rows?

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Try this
Did you freeze panes after you hid the rows? Try Windows unfreeze panes.


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Use the F5 to go to a cell in the hidden area (eg A1) then Format, Row, Unhide

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