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Excel - searching upwards

Excel - searching upwards

I have a list of over 1,000 items.  I want to search for the latest occurance of a word, but when I search, Excel starts at line 1, meaning I have to click past a lot of items to get to the one I want.

Can I make it start at the end?


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20th Aug 2012 10:50

Find All, instead of Find Next

In the Find box, instead of hitting 'Find Next' hit 'Find All' this will give you a list of all the occurances in the sheet, just below the search field, they should come up in cell order so you can just scroll to the bottom and see the last one on the list.

You will probably need to extend the search box to see all the entries, save you scrolling through the list.

That's the only way I know, but it works. 

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By merlyn
20th Aug 2012 11:11

You will need to use the Lookup function.


There is a post here regarding how to do it -



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21st Aug 2012 14:59

I agree with Tang-Jess!

To add a point. You can copy and paste values you find  in to a separate sheet and can sort them by dates

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to Duggimon
21st Aug 2012 17:31

That would have been my other suggestion

Always doing that to make sure I don't make a mess of my original sheet.

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21st Aug 2012 20:38


Why not sort so you have the latest at the top?

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21st Aug 2012 20:58

No, you are sorting your original sheet, but the values you find in to a separate sheet, so that you could easily see the order, or you do not need to copy the find values. You can scroll down and up and see in the values find window

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