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Excel to Sage

Does anyone have practical experience of using software products that can create postings in Sage from an Excel spreadsheet i.e. remove the need to manually key entries to Sage. I'm aware there are products available, but interested in practical experiences, thanks.


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14th Mar 2012 13:16

I too

would be interested

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14th Mar 2012 13:40

In Sage 200 at least

it can be done from within Sage.  There are sample templates in a Sample CSV folder on the installation disk and in Nominal/Utilies/Import there are options to import new accounts only or nominal transactions.  I have just tested it with £1 and it appears to work OK.

Not sure whether the poor people have this though (tongue firmly in cheek!).

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14th Mar 2012 13:57

csv imports

I have been posting data from excel sheets to sage for many years using csv imports.

The data is posted in excel and then saved as a csv file (formatting the cells accordingly) and importing - a very useful tool on a client of mine who has some 500+ bank transactions a month and everything ends up in sage

Also worth noting that new sage (2010 or later) you can import from an excell sheet and it lets you define the fields for import yuourself.

go to file/import and follow the steps.

Are you using other software (for example a lot of garages use proprietary garage manager software that exports sales to csv file ready to import into sage) if you are then these software providers will be able to tell you how to generate the files from their system.


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10th Sep 2013 15:15

CSV Imports

Would you be kind enough to tell us how to import bank receipts and payments using excel csv file to sage please.

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By smoreau
19th Jan 2016 14:39

How do you properly format it? I keep getting data error messages when doing accounts payable imports. It switches between "Date" and "Number of Field Distributions". It's like I correct the date but then I'm once again blocked by the "number of distributions" field which I guess I just don't understand what it wants in that field. Is there anyway that you can attach a blank excel spreadsheet with the correct formatting to give me an example?

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14th Mar 2012 14:59

CSV Imports

I too have had experience of this in the past. I had a client who wanted to get data from their proprietary software into Sage and the solution was to take the data from the software as a CSV file, add the relevant fields and ensure the data was correctly formatted and then export it to another CSV file which Sage could import and handle. The process within Excel was automated via a macro as well.

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13th Apr 2012 15:45

which version of Sage

You don't say which version

We use L500 and have been inputting via spreadsheet as others have said.

It does need to be set up though and it can only input into NL, not CB or AP - at least ours can't!

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By Nick W
13th Apr 2012 21:15

Importing data

This works in general through all sage accounts products, from sage instant accounts upwards, you will need to look under menu option "file", were hopefully you will find "import" option. Products L100, L200 and L500 are very different products and therefore these options are still available, but available differently as these are more developers pacakges.

Using the CSV (Comma Separated Variable) option via excel the data needs to be in a strict order, which you can find in the help section. This option can import Supplier list, Customer list, nominal ledger structure and audit trail data.

Whereas excel file is under your control per Ding Dong reply.

NOTE - Older versions of sage use CSV, whereas later products support both CSV and excel import options.

I am a sage BETA tester with over 20 years of experience with this product.

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By kross
16th Apr 2012 10:13

importing data


Thanks very much for your suggestions which will keep me 'quiet' for a while while I work through them.

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16th Apr 2012 17:15

Importing Data

I use Sage 50 and found some excellent CSV import routines from Adept Computer Support Ltd ( They are reasonably priced and it is a one-off price per product for as many computers that you have. If you are networked with Sage 50 you are unlikely to have too many. You can also get a trial of the software which basically limits the number of tranactions.

I use the Sage 50 Invoice CSV Import to create repetitive Sales invoices from 3 or 4 different Excel formats using a macro to create the eport csv file in the correct format for Sage. I also use their Sage 50 Transaction CSV Import to handle monthly repetitive journals again using a macro to export the CSV file in the correct format. My macros bring up a dialogue box which is used to enter data such as transaction date and name of the transactions (equivalent to a journal name). Next project is to use the same Transaction CSV Import programme to import multiple supplier invoices some with multiple lines.

You don't need to use any clever macros, just design your Excel sheets so that the columns match the Adept software format and export as a CSV file for inputting to Sage 50.

Excellent company, excellent product - increased our accounts department efficiency considerably.


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13th May 2014 22:41

Sage ERP X3??

Under File, only export is available for use. I would like to import/upload collection report excel spreadsheets into Sage ERP X3. Basically just uploading payments into Sage so the payments would be posted to customer accounts. I can't find any information online anywhere on how to do this, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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