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Exporting data from sage to excell


I am trying to export nominal activity reports and nominal balance reports from sage line 50 to excell . I am unable to save the file ( I mean I don't find it anywhere on my computer) or an empty file is saving which has no data, is appearing. Can any one tell me how to export data from sage to excell?




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What format are you saving it in?

You need to save it as a .csv file

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Export not print

Generate the report and use the export option, rather than print and as occa says, save it as a csv file which you can open in excel and save as an excel document.

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Wait if you are exporting a lot of data

If you are exporting a lot of data it can take a noticeable period of time (in seconds) to effect the transfer properly. Closing the report too soon can give the results you describe.

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