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Farewell Rebecca Benneyworth?

Farewell Rebecca Benneyworth?

Farewell Rebecca Benneyworth

You have sold your soul To LexisNexis

But please don't expect us

To drive 40 miles to see you

When previously your venue

Was only 10 or so 


Mercia me! 

It doesn't take Brains

To see I prefer leafy lanes

To cold-shouldered motorways.

I thank you


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By Anonymous
19th Oct 2009 12:28

You get plenty

of crackpot posts on aweb, but this must be in line for an award.

(is this "question" intended to be an insult?  or a thank you?  or a complaint?  or to provide the entire community with the staggering news that you prefer to drive 10 miles rather than 40 miles?  Jeez.)

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By Anonymous
19th Oct 2009 12:56

On the bright side
At least she's not falling into the clutches of a (now rather quiet) More (geddit?) aggresive salesman, unlike another colleague of hers.

Agreed this offering is a little out there.

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By Anonymous
19th Oct 2009 13:01

Presentation error
It was laid out as a rather beautiful poem of unrequited love, but it has got rather scrambled. Never mind.

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19th Oct 2009 13:11

Ah but I'm still here though

I'm still here - not going anywhere soon.

I have changed the structure of some of the other work I do - largely because pleas to "him upstairs" have not granted me the requested 40 hours a day or even the alternative of 12 days for each week. So less time spent on Britain's motorways for me too, and more time usefully engaged in supporting practitioners in whatever ways I can.

Unrequited love is nice, though! Thank you.

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19th Oct 2009 13:40

is this a record
for a question with the largest unbroken sequence of "annonymous" replies?

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By nobbie
19th Oct 2009 13:47



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