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Fax machine...

Fax machine...

...We currently have a seperate line for our fax machine. We probably receive around 1 fax per week and send less than that!

So we pay £180.00 per year for line rental and £20.00 per year for fax calls.

What other options are there?

One line? For both telephone and fax?


All suggestions welcomed.
Nicholas Robinson


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By Anonymous
13th Dec 2005 21:23

Get Yac Fax at

What is Yac Fax?

Yac Fax is an electronic fax service that lets you both send and receive faxes via email. It's an easy, affordable and confidential way of sending, receiving, filing and distributing fax documents.

Why Yac Fax?

1. It is easy as email.

2. It is dependable

3. It is Cost Effective as it saves you money on paper, toner and maintenance fees.

4. It has full functionality. It allows you to send and receive Faxes. You have a choice of number range to choose from as well as great customer support.

5. It is always available. It works anywhere your email does. No strings attached. Unlimited usage. Cancel anytime you like.

How much does it cost?

Sign up now and you'll receive a one month free trial with no obligations! After your free trial ends, you can pay either monthly or yearly - £6 per month or get six weeks free by paying £63 annually.

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13th Dec 2005 13:09

Try tone recognition
I used to use a fax machine that would recognise a different tone and would answer this. You then need to pay BT a small quarterly amount for a separate number which would share the existing phone line but would ring with the different tone.

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15th Dec 2005 23:25

I have recently signed up with so that faxes are received by email into my inbox. You get a dedicated fax no. and if you receive < 20 sheets per month its free.

You will have to pay a small amount if you want to send as well.

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13th Dec 2005 12:58

Use your broadband line!
Hi Nicholas

If you have broadband, what are you doing with the analogue line that is carrying the signal? If you do not use it for anything else, plug your fax machine into this and just pay (extra) for the outgoing calls!

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By Anonymous
14th Dec 2005 22:15

Puma fax
Use Puma fax - I was in exactly the same position now I use Puma fax. I have a fax number from them for free and faxes come into my email account. If you have to send faxes I believe you can do so with puma for a fee, if not just use your phone line for the odd fax sent.

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26th Jul 2009 15:24

Internet fax service instead of the fax machine
Just try a fax email service and you'll never regret for it. You'll be able to send lots of faxes at the same time. You'll save lots of money and time. I use and it's really reliable and available worldwide. For more details go to FAQ page.

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