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FBI - Self Assessment

We frequently get error messages about the log file not being found so the tax return doesn't actually get submitted. Also sometimes it can take ages to get a response from the Government Gateway. This is really worrying as it's only July and we've been getting these problems since the end of April! For the "Log file not found" error message HMRC are blaming our software and our software supplier is blaming HMRC. Our IT department have tried everything and checked all internet connections etc our end. Are we alone? If not has anyone else found a solution? (other than manually filing)
Helen Crowley


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By Anonymous
13th Jul 2006 23:30

Tempting fate
This is bound to be famous last words but I've had no such problems at all using PTP.

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By gilbob
16th Jul 2006 09:33

No problems with our software

I have submitted about 50 returns electronically so far and have not had any problems at all. I use PTP software. Hope this helps.

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14th Jul 2006 09:19

Thanks to Jim and Nicola so far....
Interesting to find out that those using different products are not experiencing problems. We're using Pertax from MYOB and this happens to us somewhere in one of our offices almost daily and MYOB are telling us it's because the Gateway is down. If this were true then I would have expected lots of FBI users to be experiencing the same problems and complaints on Accounting Web about HMRCs systems being down.... We also experience slow response times sometimes. Perhaps others haven't yet filed many returns and that's why no others have reported problems?

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13th Jul 2006 16:08

On line filing
Our firm used IRIS and (touchwood, cross fingers etc), so far the on-line filing is working very well.

Only errors I have encountered have been when information is missing e.g. PAYE reference.

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