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Fee Protection Insurance

Fee Protection Insurance

I am looking at Fee Protection Insurance to cover for HMRC Enquiries.  I have found a company that covers for this at a reasonable rate.  Just wondered if anyone has any thoughts on this?


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By Anonymous
07th Oct 2009 20:43

make sure you know what your buying.

The policies are invalid if the client has done anything naughty like not record all his takings or charge private expenditure against the business.

As so many enquires are started because the tax man suspects such activities I think fee protection is  a waste of

money for small traders.

I think it is of value for the top earners as they sometimes get investigated because the are driving very expensive cars

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07th Oct 2009 20:49

Which company?

To the opening poster ... which company did you come across?

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09th Oct 2009 15:52

fee protection insurance

i understand that it is "best practice" to offer fee protection insurance - we have recently taken on an all client policy costing £15-£18 per client

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By robpfp
03rd Nov 2009 09:14

Professional Fee Protection

Hello, if you are looking at providing your clients with fee protection insurance,  some points to note are -

Ensure that there is NO minimum client numbers or premium requirement

Ensure that the policy covers Aspect enquiries without a policy excess

Ensure that your firm will carry out the enquiry work

If you would like any further information, please do call me directly on 01978 359171. Direct Tel - 01978 359171





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