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Festive tidings

I'm not planning to visit AWeb much over the break, so to all (both?) the miscreants out there, you can do your worst - your words will fall on deaf ears as far as this particular member is concerned.

To everyone else - genuine members and AWeb Team - all the very best for the festive season and I hope that Santa brings you everything that you've asked for.


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Thank you

To the AWeb team, and all the members who make a genuine contribution, and especially to all the friends I have met through AWeb. It feels more like a family than a forum.

I hope everyone has a wonderful time and a well deserved break :)

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Have a good one

All the best for Christmas everyone.  See you in the New Year!


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Happy Christmas All

Again, thank you to the Aweb team and the contributors of this site. I stumbled across this site from the AAT forum earlier in the year and it has been a great addition to my studying and I genuinely learn from a lot of the posts. I also enjoy the light hearted posts, and the banter between the posters :)


Have a merry Christmas everyone! 

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Happy holidays all

Here's to a merry christmas to everyone at AWeb. Its been a great year.

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Happy Christmas

I hope all those of you who like Christmas have a very happy and enjoyable one.

To those who aren't really into it, I hope you find it reasonable tolerable.

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Only if the world doesn't come to an end at 11.30 tonight. ;)

Apparently some American has built "pods" which he's selling at £46,000 a throw, complete with flat screen TV. What're you going to watch if the world's come to an end?

Still - no more January deadlines.



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Have a good one .


Hope everyone has a lovely christmas and New Year 2013 

All the best Sarah 



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Have a great break everyone!


Merry christmas!

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