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Film Production Client opportunity

Film Production Client opportunity

One of my long term clients, previously an IT contractor operating through a limited company, is now setting up a film production company, film-making having been  a long-term interest of his, into which he is now moving full time, with plans afoot for a new film.  He has contacted me about the accountancy issues of such a venture, and I have started to research the implications.  My immediate finding, from reviewing this topic on Accounting Web, is that film production companies are an extremely specialist area, in which an accountant would either wish to specialise or leave well alone.  I am perfectly happy with my client base of small limited companies and sole traders, and I do not have the time or desire to specialise in this complex area.  Could I ask if any other forum members are specialist in film production companies, to whom I might be able to refer my client?  He is a good client, and I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a client to another accountancy firm. Please send me a message or post your details on this thread if you are genuinely a film production company specialist looking for a new client.

Thank you.


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