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Final or interim dividend

Cilent's year end has passed 31 Oct 2012.  He wants to declare a dividend of £9k.  I know the profits will be more than enough to cover this but should it be classed as a final dividend for year ended 31 Oct 2012 or an interim dividend for 31 Oct 2013? Does it actually matter? Is there a time frame within which you must declare your final dividend?


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Well, it all depends on which accounts it is being made with respect to. What is the date on the relevant accounts you have prepared to declare the dividend based on?

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31 Oct 12
Accounts not prepared yet. So it would the final dividend for that year? ie There is no timeframe?

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Look at my article on the subject ... 

>>> particularly point 3  'Dividends are treated as paid on the date that the enforceable debt is created; where there is no such debt, the date of payment is used'.




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