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Finance Bill 2014 - HMRC power grab

One of the proposals in the Finance Bill 2014 is that HMRC are going to modernise the tax system whereby, if everything goes to plan, they will introduce law in to Finance BIll 2015 so they could take tax owed/disputed directly from your bank account. Read 2.30 here


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Taking tax owed is one thing those of us who pay our taxes on time should welcome.

Taking disputed tax is a gross infringement of the liberty of the citizen, and erodes the rule of law that we are supposed to be governed by.

As always the devil will be in the detail.

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Easy to get round


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I'm just wondering ...

... where a joint account would stand in law for this?

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50/50 I guess

Old Greying Accountant wrote:

... where a joint account would stand in law for this?

I would imagine they would have to assume half the balance belonged to the taxpayer, and disregard the other half.
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Joint accounts

It may depend on where the taxpayers live - Scotland or England & Wales (or elsewhere)

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Meanwhile ...

... down at Stamford Bridge

:) :) :) :) :)

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+ :)

= :(

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