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Follow up on Ditching Iris thread

Follow up on Ditching Iris thread

I am really interested to know mollyfatha which way did you go?  Have gone for TaxCalc and VT. Has it been a good move? What is like moving away from IRIS to best of breed?



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24th Jul 2010 10:02


 Yes I am also curious to know how the switch went.

Hopefully it will encourage more people to ditch IRIS.

I just had a quote from Absolute - that came in at a quarter of what IRIS charge, with the added benefit of unlimited clients.

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24th Jul 2010 10:38

Best move I ever made!

Was really surprised to see how good VT was. Far more flexible than Iris and much quicker to produce accounts with the 'import TB' facility. I once worked for a practice that had produced an Excel macro to convert a Sage TB into a format to import into Iris, but this was way over my head and had to be tweeked every time there was an Iris update (almost as often as their price increases!).

Love TaxCalc as well. I suppose there is a small increase in the time taken to produce a return, maybe 5 to 10 mins or so, but this will reduce over time as I become more confident with the product (i.e. use the 'forms mode' rather than 'simple step'). Also, like the way you can import the VT data into it, and 10 mins is a small price to pay for the amount of money saved!

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24th Jul 2010 10:42

I looked at Absolute too

Wasn't very impressed with their accounts production module though. Didn't look very user friendly and was a bit suspect on the compliance with the Companies Act I thought!

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24th Jul 2010 13:43

Thanks mollyfatha. Great to hear you are getting on well. As you as say initally it will take a bit longer. In just a few months and one cycle of tax returns, everthiing will be far more quicker. TaxCalc are also bringing in free CRM which I am sure will save time and add to TaxCalc's usefulness.


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24th Jul 2010 18:25


Mollyfatha - Great to hear your views on the move and on Absolute, thx

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25th Jul 2010 08:41


Strange addition

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