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Just rung off from the Gov. Gateway (un)help desk and the SA helpline - spent 45 mins on the 'phone!

Client receives income from an employment in the USA - put the data into the foreign section of HMRC's on-line filing, then enter theother UK income etc.  Save the return and view the tax calculation : voila! No foreign income in the tax calcs!

I contacted the Gov. Gateway and they were able to re-create "my" problem, however their instruction is to contact the SA help desk, as this is a tax matter.  The SA help desk advised me to send in a separate paper foreighn pages! So be warned - the foreign income for your clients may not show up either...!  WATCH IT.


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06th Jan 2010 14:27

Foreign Income SA - Foreign Tax Credit

Have similar problem around foreign income - although I accept I am probably doing something wrong:

1. Firstly I have included overseas income in the foreign section, and also filled out an employment page. The tax calc shows the foreign income - but probabbly from the employment page. Can anyone confirm I don't need to fill out the employment page.  

2. As I have included the tax paid on the employment section and claimed foreign tax credit I get an overstatement of tax paid. Again I probably need to exclude the employment page - but would appreciate confirmation.  

I will probably get the problem above when I do that.

3. Also: I've converted the foreign currency at an average annual rate but would like to compare it to a caculation at a monthly rate. Can anyone direct me to the HMRC monthly rates I can use.   

Any advice wioulod be appreciated.  



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