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form 41g

Does the form 41g still exist? I want to register a client as a new taxpayer who has just started to receive rent and a pension and am unsure as to how to obtain a UTR which I need for the form 64-8. I can`t find it on revenue site only 41g trust or cwf1 neither of which apply
Angela France


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By ACDWebb
08th Nov 2005 18:23

Not anymore
Its now a CWF1

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09th Nov 2005 08:50

But.... dont need to submit a CWF1 for rental income. A letter to the Tax Office will suffice. State the NI number on this and the 64-8 to ensure that you get notified of the UTR when alllocated.

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By ACDWebb
09th Nov 2005 09:20

Quite right
read the question, as all good exam courses advise :-)

Skimmed it & banged in a quick (wrong) reference bearing in mind the full question.

As Timothy says the answer really is write to HMRC & advise the new source of untaxed income, send a 64-8 with the NI No on it & ask for a UTR - hoping that they do not just bounce it for lack of a UTR. One would hope that the office could allocate a UTR, tell you and pass the 64-8 (with new UTR added) onto the 64-8 processing office

I'll get me coat

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