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Free companies house searches

Not really a question but for those who may find it useful this website ( allows free company searches and provides the same information as companies house.

It's about a week behind the paid services but does allow you to search by location, turnover, SIC etc so can be very useful for marketing.

Anyway hope someone finds it useful.


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looks excellent

seems even better than the one i use -

thank you!

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No problem.


I use company searches made simple as they offer unlimited company/director searches for £199 a year, they are also only about a day behind companies house.

But for marketing I use deudil as you can search by SIC, location etc



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Seems an excellent website, I almost find myself looking for the catch!!

Speaking of marketing though, I have been toying with the idea of subscribing to a database site that allows you to download names and address of companies for a direct mail campaign.  Can anyone recommend a good one?  So far Ive looked at creditsafe and selectbase.



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I was the same when I found it, only issue I've found is that it can be a bit behind (1-2 weeks) the paid services, but for free is excellent!

I've done a lot of work with creditsafe's bulk data and it's actually their data which powers a lot of other services like OneSource.

Creditsafe do offer a marketing based product called Marketsafe, so may be worth having a look at that.


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Director numbers are wrong!


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Can't say I have found the same, but I do rely on company searches made simple for up to date records and use this one for more marketing.

Can you suggest a better free service ?

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Thanks muchly!!

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I'd recommend http://www

I'd recommend, much cheaper than duedil or companysearchmadesimple.

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Not Free Anymore

I log in here now and you have to pay, disapointing...

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Company Officers

To the person who mentioned it before, it's worth noting all company officers are normally listed under the company director label, so company secretaries can be counted as company directors, and a director report can be obtained on a company secretary. Normally the report will display whether they are one or the other. 

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CH plus data from web http:/

CH plus data from web

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