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Free ltd co banking

I am trying to find a ltd co bank account with no fees. Turnover is only a few hundred a year. I know Santander used to do this, but any I have looked at now only have free banking for up to 24 months. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance


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HSBC have permanent free banking

There are restrictions on 'free' processing of cash & cheques, but all electronic banking is free.

EDIT: this is true at time of writing but if they are the only ones giving free banking I can't see it lasting for long!

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Thanks Shirley I will give them a try

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Try the Coop if you can bear it

I signed up with the Coop for free banking in August this year. A few months later I closed my account and went back to Barclays. Coop didn't credit my account for 3 weeks when I posted cheques to them but told me they must be lost and I would have to get cancelled and reissued.

Barclays and all the other big boys are impossible to deal with if you have a query that needs to be resolved, or indeed if you want to open an account with them. Their website is good generally speaking, you can pay in chqs personally without them getting lost and although you have to pay a fee I would rather do this than kowtow to the likes of the Coop. 

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You can pay into Co-op via Post Offices

So open 830-530 & Saturdays, credited 3rd day. E Banking is good

No problems

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Metro Bank

Look at Metro Bank. As I understand it, the first 200 transactions a month are free. Open 7 days a week.

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I am using Santander and it is FREE.

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Santander offer free business banking, I've been with them for a while now and no real problems although branches are not particularly convenient.

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@RogerNeale & @derbyforester

Maybe Santander are putting charges on new accounts, but not for existing account holders. 

I got it from the horse's mouth (ie. the bank manager) that they do not have free business banking for new customers, apart from the initial introductory period.

EDIT: I've just checked on their website and it seems to confirm what their manager told me.

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Free lunch?

Even after a few comments the usual experiences are apparent: the bank one person finds awful another finds fine.

From what I can tell, all the 'big' banks have been guilty of c**k-ups - hardly surprising since they employ human beings - and then they've all sometimes been guilty of failing to resolve said c**k-ups satisfactorily. Meanwhille, they've also all been responsible for excellent service, and help beyond the call of duty in other cases.

So I'd say that if you're happy with the service you're getting, ask your existing bank about doing something to reduce the charges - they have more flexibility than they generally admit. I'd rather pay moderate charges for a decent service than get hassle and headaches for free.

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 I use Santander but have to post cheques off to them, not a difficult thing, clients can pay by bacs.  No charges.  They have also lost cheques over the bad winter of 2010/11 and i had to get clients to cancel cheques.  Santader found them 6 weeks later.  I am trying the co op for a local charity as there are not charges and can use the local post office to bank and draw cash so i will see what happens.

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Another thought for charities ...

I know the OP mentioned a ltd co but other responses have mentioned charities.

I use Unity bank for a non-profit org and find them excellent to deal with, very easy to use e-banking, always get to speak to a person on the phone (and answered quickly - no hold music queues or press 1 ...), and for pay-ins can use the Post Office (since part of Co-op group) along with a branch of a local bank that you nominate at account start up.

Interest rates are good, and the only charges we have are £2 per month on each credit card regardless of the number of transactions.

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free business banking

Worth looking at the Co-op bank account available to members of the FSB. I use this and it works fine via internet, not had to deal with paper cheques for a while now.

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I had free business banking with Nationwide for at least 10 years until company struck off a couple of years ago, but don't know if they still do it (seem to remember might have had to maintain a balance of £2,000 or £5,000, but they did pay interest - though it was a struggle at the start to get them to pay the interest to a company gross!)

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aren't free anymore. If I had to pay I would move, service and online banking is poor.

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Thanks for the comments - I personally have a Santander business account which is still free, but I also had cheques go astray in their clearing....

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Why does a small company need a 'Business' account?

Probably a stupid question, but is there a legal requirement to have a 'Business' account?

My experience with Barclays is that their 'Business Manager' can't even write English properly, let alone advise me on how to run my business! I don't and never will require an overdraft or business loan. Why should I pay for that?

I have a friend who turns over £16K pa and simply uses a current account at the Nationwide.

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In the name of the company

Hi Louis,


Thanks to all on this thread - I have gone with HSBC as mentioned above.

The account is in the name of the limited company, rather than the director.

I know (from elsewhere on AW) that some operate Ltd co's without bank accounts - presumably under some kind of trust arrangement, but I want to keep the company completely separate from the person,


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