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Free or Low Cost Multi Company Accounting Software


I did post a message to see if there was a  free Accounting Software out there for a client of mine.  However they have Sage Instant Accounts but they want to set up two or three further small companies and it's quite expensive to upgrade Sage.  I suggested buying a multi company accounting package like QuickBooks or Tas Books or can anyone recommend another low cost good multi company accounting package?

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08th Jul 2010 22:58

VT accounts

VT does some of it for free - have a lookk at their website.

others have basic packages for free, depends what your client needs

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09th Jul 2010 00:46

Free Accounts Software
TAS, now part of Sage, offer a free package. VT have a free cash book but otherwise charge, albeit not that much. I guess it depends on how sophisticated it needs to be.

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09th Jul 2010 06:37

Low cost multi company accounting software


I'm looking for a fairly low cost multi company accounting software for possibly 3 ro 4 small companies for a client I do the bookkeeping for. They just want a basic package that will do P&L and Balance sheet but nothing too fancy. Can anyone recommend a good one?  I use QBs at home which is very good but i was looking for somthing a bit cheaper - they have Sage Instant but cannot add anymore companies unless they upgrade and that's quite expensive.

Many thanks.

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09th Jul 2010 06:41


Many thanks for your replies - Ive also posted a message about a low cost multi company accounting software that might be good.

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