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French & UK pension adviser

French & UK pension adviser

English client retired to Normandy, he has pensions maturing in the UK, needs advice on what to do, unhappy about where some of the funds currently lie and may want/need to move them.

Pension providers won't talk to him, say he needs a dual French/UK registered IFA, can anyone recommend a contact preferably based North West of Paris. He will come back to the UK for meetings if necessary but would rather not.


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08th Feb 2013 13:32


He could try Siddals, Jennie Poate is the regional manager for Normandy

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09th Feb 2013 13:06

Thank you Siddalls are the only peple coming up on Google.

There must be specialists serving all those Brits who are stuck in the Dordogne or have I found an unexploited market niche  for someone?

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09th Feb 2013 13:59


I know a few based in Dordogne but none in the north. Siddalls don't have a great reputation amongst expats I have to say. In the same way that I wouldn't recommend going to a major clearing bank for financial products. Try AngloInfo Normandy to get some recommendations from local Brits.

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01st Mar 2013 15:27

Regulated v Unregulated

Just a quick word of warning - there are a number of non-regulated advice companies throughout Europe. We have seen a small number of clients receive poor/expensive advice for which they have no recourse.

Any UK adviser (regulated) should be able to help your client as this is likely to involve the transfer to a QROPS/QNUPS if in the clients interest.

We have helped many clients overseas with their UK pensions and while we dont have a presence outside the UK, we have used internet/telephone meetings to engage. Would be happy to help.

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