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Gateway Consortium International/CA Tax Solutions

Gateway Consortium International/CA Tax Solutions

A client has forwarded some promotional material he was sent by Gateway Consortium International (Registered in Seychelles) in conjunction with CA Tax Solutions guaranteeing to find at least £25k of additional capital allowances, and that unless they find at least this amount then no fees are payable.

Basically they offer to survey the client's property, as according to them most accountants miss out massive amounts of Cap Allncs when the property is purchased, and thus find these huge missed allowances.

Has anyone come across this or similar companies, or dealt with them and have any feedback of their experience?


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By Anonymous
07th Jan 2010 22:29


There are many reputable firms of surveyors in the UK who can review the CA position on construction or on purchase of a building, combining their technical knowledge with a knowledge of what is eligible for which kind of CAs. It is certainly the case that accountants often can overlook allowances due not through negligence so much as ignorance of the precise structural nature of the buildings concerned.

In addition, I believe firms specialising in property tax employ surveyors to assist with such claims.

Given this, I would not resort to an offshore firm.


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By Anonymous
07th Jan 2010 22:45

I agree with first respondent.

There are many reputable firms in UK that do this type of work, and clients / accountants are well advised to consider using a specialist if significant sums are involved and they have limited experience / expertise.  In some ways the new regime may be easier to grapple with than the old regime for buildings and plant, but there still remains scope for careful analysis and consideration where reasonably chunky money is involved.

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05th Feb 2010 11:49

Gateway / CA Tax

I too have received some information from this company (not from Gateway but another proposer).

The marketing materials seem to suggest that this company has received 'HMRC approval' and even go as far to state that they have a license from HMRC, neither of which I have ever encountered or even knew existed.

I have also received information for CA Tax fee scales which are expensive compared to the established companies in the area.

I am also concerned that the 'contact us' section on the website doesn't seem to provide details of the proprietors or employees.

In short, if you require specialist advice, there are several established UK companies out there which would be safer options.


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