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Good old Revenue !

Sorry, due to planned maintenance the service you have requested is unavailable

A sign it's PAYE annual returns time !!


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10th Apr 2012 12:59

What is the problem?

There is planned maintenance every year.  You have until 19 May to file the form and the site will be back up again tomorrow.

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By DMGbus
10th Apr 2012 13:51

0600 on 11th April 2012 re-opens

I think that I saw an HMRC announcement on this referring to normal service being resumed 0600hrs on 11th April 2012.

There is at, the time of writing, some scheduled maintenance / update going on with HMRC on,ine services.

My recollection iss that the planned shitdown of online servivces was to commence on the evening of 5th April 2012.  I wonder if any VAT online filers were caught out by this?

I've just found where HMRC gave advance warning of these matters:


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10th Apr 2012 14:06

Easiest Year Yet

Normally they do this over a couple of working days and a weekend.  This time it's just today, although a planned shitdown is what we've come to expect from the Revenue....

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10th Apr 2012 14:28

Well, the problem is that I want to get on with the darned things !  I have about 15 to do and thus far have only been able to do the clients' letters and not the actual forms, so I've got to revisit it all again when / if the website finally comes back on line.

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By ACDWebb
10th Apr 2012 14:40

They normally come back as planned

Make sure you're ready for the one in October

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By ACDWebb
10th Apr 2012 16:19

That said

it does also say:


Wednesday 11 April 06:00 – Friday 13 April 18:00

The PAYE Online service will be available from 06:00 on Wednesday 11 April however following the scheduled upgrade you may still experience a delay in receiving your online acknowledgement. Your acknowledgement will be sent by Friday 13 April. 

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please follow the link below for information on any current service issues that may affect you:

Service issues - PAYE

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