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Google VAT invoices - how to enter on Sage?

Google VAT invoices - how to enter on Sage?

Found a previous unanswered post on the subject so cut and pasted the question as basically the same as what I want to know now! How and what entries are needed in Sage to achieve the right figures in the right boxes on the VAT return?

"With regards to typical monthly invoice received from Google Ireland Ltd for AdWords service subject to reverse charge -

Invoice received without VAT shown

I believe you calculate VAT on the above and include in box 4 with net invoiced amount to be shown in box 7. In addition, I believe the same amounts need to be entered in boxes 1 and 6 respectively."


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07th Dec 2009 16:54

It is easy - if it's set up right!

 It is actually very simple to do.

You need to enter the invoice with the tax code T8.

I would check that the system is set up properly with deal with this.  Calculate a VAT return before entering the invoice, and then again afterwards.  The correct amounts should then be entered into boxes 2, 4 and 7.  

If the amounts shown do not include the euro VAT then you will need to check that the tax codes have been set up correctly to deal with euro VAT.









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By Anonymous
07th Dec 2009 18:39

Thanks a lot Claudia

That's great, thanks again for quick and clear response!

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By Anonymous
08th Dec 2009 14:49

another scenario

I have recently prichased some printing £100 worth from [ would love to name ! ]  say V who i believe to be in eire or holland etc.   the goods have been received and paid for by ccard - and as a uk vat reg business  we were not charged vat.  i have NOT received a vat invoice from whichever country [ the customer services call centre in jamaica ] was not too forthcoming.   if we do not receive  an invoice - most likely scenario now - we are just going to book it excluding all vat / reverse charges etc impact on th eface of the vat return.  is this correct ?   

Should we receive an EU invoice - it will be in a later vat quarter  what do we do then?   CR p+l  pps  DR vat recoverable @15%.   How do we show it in the various return boxes ?

net effect is a zero VAT payable ?  just non materially correct boxes on return by what £ 13




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By Anonymous
12th Jan 2010 14:50

Google adwords and reverse charge threshold - if under £5000 do

This is my first time dealing with the google adwords reverse charge issue.  On looking at guidance it all seems to relate to purchases over £5,000 so if a company are only spending a couple of hundred pounds a month, do they still have to account for the reverse charge?

Thanks for replies in advance

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