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GP/Doctor Tax return - what can you claim

Could anyone tell me what i can claim back as a salaried Doctor or self employed GP?



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There are books written on this

by which I mean there's an awful lot written on the subject, not just "go and find one"

As a s/e GP you can claim costs incurred wholly & exclusively for the business. For a salaried doctor it is the rather more restrictive wholly exclusively & necessarily.

You might have variously:

professional subsmileage / motor claims (but not home to surgery / hospital)use of homebusiness use of phones, mobile & home

If you are a partner in a GP practice your claim for personal expenses cannot be on your personal return but has to be as part of the partnership return, though there are ways & means of reflecting the personal expense back against the personal share of profit rather than it being part of the overall apportionment of tax profits

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WOUld exam fees be claimable?

The fees to sit the GP exams are quite substantial Could they be claimed? If so what would you claim them as?

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they only put you in a position to be a GP

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Used to act for a lot of doctors

We followed the same rules as for the laymen, if it's new knowledge it's now allowable, if it's brushing up existing then it is.


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