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Guidance on accounting for financial derivatives

I work for a large international bank (not yet obliged to follow IASs). Our financial accounting advisory services department is seeking to compile comprehensive instructions on accounting for financial derivatives and other complex banking products. We would be grateful to receive advice. Thank you .
Liz Micallef


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By admin
03rd Nov 1999 23:39

Accounting for Derivatives
Euromoney conducts courses once or twice a year on Accounting & Tax for Derivatives.
Alternatively, Brady Trinity PLC may assist. They are located at Cambridge Science Park, Milton Rd., Cambridge CB4 4WE, UK Tel. 1223 423250

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By admin
02nd Nov 1999 09:22

Accounting for Derivatives
I am a director with Brandenburg Securities. Brandenburg is a corporate finance advisory firm and also offers banking consultancy services. We can provide the advice you need. If you would care to e-mail me on the above address or contact us on 0171 374 6000 then we will see what we can do.

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