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Has anyone got a spreadsheet formula?

Has anyone got a spreadsheet formula?

I am looking for a formula whereby you can enter your accounting dates and period and it will tell you what is your assesable profits in the opening/closing and change of accounting dates.  Is this too complicated for excel?


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By ACDWebb
20th Mar 2012 08:28

Based on what information?
Do you have a table with historical details on it?What are you trying to use the result of the formula for?Is this purely for lookup - in which case a pivot table with a filter  on year end might work or one of the LOOKUP functions?

For me there is insufficient information in your query to be able to make any sort of stab at an answer

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By ksalter
20th Mar 2012 08:52

Change of accounting date

This is just one of over 100 tools on the 2020 Tax Tips and Tools.....


2012/13 version of the product is currently under development (awaiting any budget changes this week) and will be released in late April..

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