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Have HMRC had a lie in?

Have HMRC had a lie in?

Been calling 01236 785057 all morning, it just rings and rings and rings.

Are they still in bed?


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25th Jan 2012 12:29


... they're screening you.  Try it again putting 141 in front of the number. Bet you get through first time.

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to pacta
25th Jan 2012 12:41

Try ........

You might try the agents helpline number 0845 3667855. I got through without any delay this morning.

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to JCresswellTax
25th Jan 2012 14:28


Does the 0845 3667855 deal with CT queries?  I've only ever called them about personal taxes.

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to runningmate
25th Jan 2012 23:03

No it doesn't deal with CT queries.

Sorry for raising your hopes.

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26th Jan 2012 11:58

Try this number...

I've had the same trouble as you in calling them.  I suggest you try this number for them, 0845 302 1426.  There are other numbers you can try depending upon the nature of your query, e.g. group CT payments on 01236 785 499.  Have you looked on the HMRC website for other department numbers?  There's also the tax district you can try see if they'll help.

Another alternative is to fax over your query to them on 01236 783 016 if your query isn't urgent.

Good luck!

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