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Help on Sage Instant Accounting

Help on Sage Instant Accounting

Client appears to have run the year end routine without first running off any accounting reports, or making a back up to restore the years data. Does this mean that all the accounting detail for the previous year has been lost, or are there any reports which could be used to prepare a set of annual accounts?
The Trial Balance report only lists balance sheet accounts for the period under review.
Martin Galvin


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04th Jul 2003 10:54

Thanks for your suggestions. I have now managed to glean the necessary data. I have also made a note in my diary to write to this particular client prior to his next year end with a list of instructions on what to do and what not to do!

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By paulng
03rd Jul 2003 00:26

There may still be hope!!!

for your benefit, I have just simulated the scenario on an ex-client's data using Sage Line 50, so may not apply to Instant Accounting. Under Tools>Period End, you can select Clear Audit Trail, Year End, etc, etc. If Clear Audit Trail is not selected, then y/end procedure transfers all P/L balances to Retained profits, thus carrying forward only b/s items. The audit trail is still maintained, which you can generate a report to export it out to a spreadsheet, or you can use Excel via ODBC to hot-link to the sage data and perform analysis thereon. Hope this helps

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