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Historical foreign exchange rates

Historical foreign exchange rates

Does anyone know of a website that has historical foreign exchange rates - this would overcome the issue of "gaps" in my manual extraction of the relevant page of the FT.
Mike Taylor


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By rhljca
08th Oct 1999 13:25
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By squay
08th Oct 1999 02:05

Foreign Exchange Rates
Have you tried downloading the historical VAT exchange rates on the VAT web site at

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By admin
08th Oct 1999 09:10

Oanda can provide a full set of rates.
Try Apart from being able to give the rate for any given date they can also provide a complete set of rates for a data range (such as the last 5 years) so that you can update all your gaps in one go.

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08th Oct 1999 10:19

Exchange Rates - available on HMC&E website
Historic exchange rates are available on the VAT offices' website at

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