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HMRC authorisation codes

HMRC authorisation codes

When authorising yourself online as a agent for a new client is anyone else receiving two different authorisation codes for the same client for the same tax (ie Corporation tax) issued on the same the date?

This has happened to us on a couple of occasions over the past 10 days.  Hopefully just a glitch in the HMRC computer system.


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28th Dec 2012 09:05

Are they both shown with the same co name and details in your HMRC website client list? If not it may give you a clue as to what has gone wrong eg different addresses etc

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28th Dec 2012 16:16

We've had it

Happens sporadically over a long period.  Seems to be some self balancing event within HMRC's kismet.  For every code that they send out twice, there's one that they claim to have sent out but never arrives.

One will work and one won't.  If the first one works, bin the second.

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