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HMRC Corporation Tax Return Filing Issue

HMRC Corporation Tax Return Filing Issue

I have tried repeatedly to use the HMRC's Corporation Tax Return filing tool (the new PDF thing) and for a couple of my clients it gets to the final authorisation page and once I have input my user name and password it thinks for about 5 minutes and then  closes down the PDF file. I'm certain this means that the return has not been submitted. As the online helpdesk it rather helpfully closed at this time of night, is there anybodyout there who can advise if there is anything I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help

Sir Digby


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15th Apr 2010 12:29

CT online filing

It is taking me an age just to get to the point of completing the HMRC online CT600 let alone completing it for submission.


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15th Apr 2010 14:46

You got that far?

Wow, it would not even let me into the first screen!

I forsee more chaos and I am expecting HMRC to announce concessions about compulsory filing for small companies (as it has done for small employers).

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15th Apr 2010 16:23

the upgrade has been a retrograde step

the whole CT online system is shit and a disgrace

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