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I have a very very simple CT600 to submit.

Has anyone used the HMRC software?  Im loathe to buy software for this one return as it is so simple.

Any thoughts?




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By DMGbus
05th Mar 2012 12:10

It works, but time consuming

Providing that your accounts / company do NOT meet one of HMRC's exceptions, then HMRC's online software will work, but it's a time-consuming process...

...uses Adobe Acrobat : there's 12 (yes 12) pages of instructions on how to change settings in Adobe Acrobat of the change settings in Adobe Acrobat says tick three boxes in a window when only one and a half of the three boxes are visible

.. don't be surprised if you get error messages from time to time: use judgment to either ignore the messages if figures & liability look OK or do a work around there and then or make a correction if possible careful with the Capital Allowances page re: AIA, may have to do trial and error (*) entries since it is not unknown for HMRC software to carry the AIA forward as a negative WDV c/f then throw an error message (*) I found that entering AIA additions TWICE (once as AIA assets and once as WDA assets) solved this problem with correct AIA claim and no negative tax WDV c/f).

...budget for 50 to 60 minutes per company / year filing (part of reason for being such a time consuming job is the need to enter accounts figures once then again later on - firstly in Accounts section then in CT comps section) - unnecessary duplication caused by incompetent programmers used by HMRC

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12th Mar 2012 16:07

It works, but time consuming

Hi There,


I never really had any issues using the online CT600 but this year my accounts do meet one of the exceptions (we have current asset investments).


However for such a small amount the costs of using third party software are crazy. £1300 plus VAT from Sage for example. Can anyone recommend an alternative (cheaper) product?


Thank you



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By zebaa
05th Mar 2012 20:28

It is dire

I admit that I played with to but soon got fed up. You may have more joy. Good luck.

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By zebaa
12th Mar 2012 18:12

@ Ronan

'Can anyone recommend an alternative (cheaper) product?'

Yes, VT & BTC at about £400 ish or do a deal for filling only with a local (small) accountant.

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12th Mar 2012 20:47

I would suggest doing a deal with a filing only accountant.  Bear in mind that a TB would need to loaded into the accounting package with all the company static set up before accounts, computation and return can be sent to HMRC.  Might as well get abb accounts to CH on line whilst doing this work.

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