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HMRC good news

HMRC good news

Good news

I have today received in the post a tax repayment for a client for 2003/4. Apparently HMRC are doing a detailed PAYE check of that year and anyone who is due a rebate will get it. If however the client owes them money no futher action will be taken to recover it .


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19th Mar 2012 12:13

Good news indeed

Piggybacking onto this to add a relevant question - as someone who went through various jobs at uni (around the time you mention and beyond), I remember being on the wrong tax code for my pay bracket at least once (slightly scatterbrained management made it hard to keep track at times!) but have never heard from Her Majesty re: potential rebates or how to claim them.

As it's quite far in the past now and Student Henry wasn't the best at keeping a hold of his records (something Future Henry is certainly regretting), is there a way for me to check if I have any potential rebates or bump HMRC into checking for me?

If this is a daft question, do feel free to PM me and let me know - I've looked online but failed to find any clear advice!

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to Panamera
19th Mar 2012 15:01

Are you an accountant. If so contact the HMRC agents hotline and tell them thta you think you have overpaid 2003/4 PAYE. See what they say. however you can quote my e-mail. The fact you haven't the paperwork doesn't matter as they DO have it


Let us know how you get on

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19th Mar 2012 15:09

Not an accountant

I'm an employee at Sift Media (AWEB's publisher) so I'm sadly not as savvy as many members of the community. I'll see if I can find a relevant number to get in touch through, however - it's reassuring to know that there should be a record somewhere! My copies were casualties of multiple house moves and carelessness on my behalf.

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19th Mar 2012 15:37

Henry,there is an answer to that one,but dont fancy the cooler!

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20th Mar 2012 08:17

tax rebates

I've had a lot of these. Most are wrong. They don't seem to be checking to see if the taxpayer was doing a self assessment return, and so they are making the rebate twice. Also, the information entered is also wrong, I've had one for somebody who used to be on PAYE who got a rebate for bank interest he received. They entered bank interest £200, tax paid £200, so refunded £160. He said he's never received bank interest.

I dread to think how much the are going to waste doing this with no checking.

I've also had one where they have just added £250 onto a SA account. No assessment or information supplied, and on the phone they say they can't tell what it is exactly but it looks like it is owed for 2003-04 but have no other information. He completed an SA return so it can't be right, but what is there to appeal against ? And they don't seem to know how to resolve it and just told me to warn my client that he would continue to get letters from the debt managament unit.

They are all for 2003-04 and so have a horrible feeling they are going through the next years soon !



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26th Mar 2012 13:11

Good News

The bad news is that they have tried to collect tax from 2003/04 in the case of one of my clients. However, they did it by adding a retrospective  adjustment to the assessment for 2008/09 for "unpaid tax from an earlier year". Further enquiry revealed that this was brought forward year by year from 2003/4 or possibly even earlier, and these adjustments had not been present on any earlier statements, which showed the client owing no tax. Whether this was deliberately sneaky, or just a mistake I don't know. After much correspondence they dropped it. 

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By mikeguk
26th Mar 2012 14:18

Also received for 2009

I also received one of these for 2009.  In that year I switched employers, and they've taken the shorter 5 month role and calculated the rebate assuming no income from employer no. 2 for the remaining 7 months of the tax year.  Record keeping at HMRC going backwards?  Suffice to say am not cashing the cheque.

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