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HMRC helpline - no help or no hope?

HMRC helpline - no help or no hope?

Is it just me or does every one feel the same?

The helpline is now just not fit for purpose.  When you do finally get through after playing find the magic number sequence, they will not discuss anything of any substance, hiding behind data protection or just damned unhelpful?

In my view, they simply no longer have the necessary number of staff to handle tax.


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06th Jul 2012 14:26

 You cannot mean the agents

 You cannot mean the agents helpline which is very helpful and has no number index. So which helpline do you refer to

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06th Jul 2012 14:47

Self assessment helpline

No agreed, these numbers:



Employers Helpline08457 143143Online helpdesk0845 6055999tax office0845 3000 627


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06th Jul 2012 15:03

I always use the agents helplines. All of the ones your quoted above are accessed by Joe public and designed not to be answered quickly or sensibly.

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06th Jul 2012 15:36


Thanks Bernard


That is helpful, thank you.  In this instance I was dealing with my personal affairs and stupidly, did not think to use Agents line, as I have not authorised myself.


Kind regards


In general I avoid ringing HMRC at all costs.

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06th Jul 2012 18:06


Unfortunately you cannot use the agent's helpline for payroll/CIS related queries and are redirected to the appropriate general helpline. 

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06th Jul 2012 18:37

Personally I use Google for my queries! The website is as bad, as the helpline for getting an understandable answer.  I think they leave you to make what you will of their vague advice, so that if an inspector says you have done something wrong, its not their fault....

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to lionofludesch
07th Jul 2012 11:26

Google for queries

sausalitofoxtrot wrote:

Personally I use Google for my queries! 


I also find myself using Google a lot these days. Relevant answers from AW come up high in the rankings which is a bonus.

Asking HMRC  is usually a waste of time and only worthwhile if you get the advice in writing - does anyone?

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