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HMRC hold music

Having been holding to get through to HMRC for 10 minutes (and thus I type this while I wait), it makes me wonder what the HMRC hold music is - it appears to be 3 or 4 "tunes" all intertwined.

Just a thought to make the pain of waiting slightly less unbearable.......


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12th Apr 2012 18:41

Yes - I know that song.

It's called "A Recipe for Disaster" by The Incompetents.

Reached number 98 in the Top 100 March 1957.



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12th Apr 2012 19:34

I had the pleasure of the same "music" this morning for 20 mins, totally painful !  Enjoy

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13th Apr 2012 06:51

chirpy chirpy cheap cheap?


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By vince8
13th Apr 2012 10:13

Who are you calling?

I agree the general HMRC phone lines are slow but don't you call the agent help line? I have never waited more than a few seconds to get through. Or maybe you are not agents?

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13th Apr 2012 20:21

My suggestion to HMRC

In view of the time required, I advise HMRC to switch to Wagner's Ring Cycle.  With a total playing time of 15 hours, some - admittedly not all - callers will not have to hear it repeated from the start before their call is answered.

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