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HMRC is “utterly kaput” - discuss

The ICPA recently flagged up this quote from the Times by Andrea Leadsom Tory MP and member of the Treasury Select Committee about the proposed statements to be issued which will tell us all what our tax is spent on:

"The real issue with it is that HMRC are struggling to even do what it's meant to do: properly calculate the tax due from people. HMRC is completely broken, it's not vaguely incompetent, it's utterly kaput. If I were chancellor I would be looking to simplify HMRC's remit, not complicating it"



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Ah yes the ICPA.

I received a free mag from them a week or so ago. Couldn;t see any official affiliation so I'm guessing it's a club of non-qualifieds?

I did a double take when when it said I was welcome to join and keep receiving this mag for £55 A MONTH! More than ACCA and ATII fees combined.


HMRC seems alright to me.

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Membership brings a lot more benefits than just the magazine.

I am sure if you looked at the offering more closely you would discover this. The members of the ICPA, of which I am one, think it is very good value for money as the membership fee includes PI insurance, free tax books, free helplines, etc.

EDIT: plus, more importantly, they actually try to do something to help the small practitioners, unlike the others who only seem to serve the big practices, which is the reason quite a few qualified's who are sole practitioners also join the ICPA!!!!

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Now now be fair. For my £385

Now now be fair. For my £385 I did get a shiny certificate to say that I can practice.

No covering letter mind. No "welcome to being your own boss - here's some stuff you might find useful".

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I think you'll find that ICPA have both qualifieds, non-qualifieds and ex-qualifieds as members. And as Shirley says you get plenty for your money. It's worth it for the PII alone. What does ACCA provide? Red tape, hoops to jump through, no support for its members with HMRC.... A certificate, which they expect you to hand back if you tell them to shove it... A magazine that focuses on its members abroad... Wow.

But to return to the OP - yes HMRC is pretty kaput. They need to employ a few people with common sense to run it - so never going to happen. It won't change, it's like all government organisations, not fit for purpose.

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Yep - I am a fan also !

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If anyone thinks HMRC are "utterly kaput" then they have clearly not worked with other tax authorities around the world.  Try dealing with the Norwegian tax authorities - as a rule you cannot contact them, they won't get back to you and if you by magic do get through to them then they will take months to perform even the most basic tasks such as payment reallocations.  The correspondence they send out is so meaningless, that you cannot even work out what type of tax it relates to.  And did I mention that the phone lines close at 2:30pm?

HMRC actually aren't that bad, they just aren't good.

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But the sad thing is - they used to be better.

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Who typed the transcript?

Kaputt has two Ts. Das ist wirklich kaputt.

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So is it £55 per month or £385 per year?

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55 x 12 = ICPA

ACCA Practicising Cert 385 - I think.

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Tony Margaritelli and his team

work tirelessly for the members of ICPA and, are a rare and unusual breed, in this day and age.

It's one of those situations where you get what you pay for and, if I needed backing, from my professional organisation, I know who I would want to be with.

Perhaps we should move back to the question. Yes, HMRC - unfit for purpose and have been for a very, very long time.

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HMRC Kaput - No BUT..........

their system is.

Knowing someone who works for one of their nominated software associates that's all I will say!

If they had a proper system to calculate the tax then they wouldn't make these mistakes - perhaps they could buy tax calc, moneysoft, PTP or A N Other and install it on their network!

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