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HMRC Manual


I'm sure everyone knows the HMRC manual we refer to so often and use to base some of our advice and practice? I am so tired of going to the HMRC website to look for topics and guidance (although I do sometimes print them to file). The way its broken down into little sections and screens is such a pain too. It would be so much easier if it was put together into a single publication.

Is there anywhere we can get a comprehensive or printed version of the manual?


Graham Arnott


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Thanks so much for the info. I'll get downloading then ... :-)

That is going to make my life so much easier.


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You can download

If you look here you will see the downloads that you can take. There are a heck of a lot of manuals. HMRC will not send them but they should be available in Public Enquiry Points. They used to be available in Citizens Advice Bureaux but I don't know if they still are.

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ask for hard copies
I believe you can call HMRC and request for manuals to be sent to you.

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