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HMRC Offline

Trying to access VAt Notices results in this message:

Server Maintenance
Online Services Temporarily Unavailable

We are sorry but the service is currently unavailable.

Further information is available here.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Return to our home page.

There is, of course, no information - does anyone know how long this will be for?
Malcolm Veall


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VAT Online, but nothing else
Is it just me that cannot log onto the HMRC home page, Revenue Internet Services, etc. - in fact, anything at or - this morning?

The only thing I can log into today is VAT Online and other pages at

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VAT Online Services
Euan, can you get into VAT Online?

I cant, I get the same message as Malcolm. Anyone out there have any idea how long this is for?


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I can get into VAT Online and the HMRC sites - or - are now back on air.

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No idea..

I have been trying to access VAT online all day but to no avail.

Of course the service link says 'Full service available'!!

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Angry of Putney
I spend most of the weekend preparing the information to file online for four clients then spend all day Monday trying and failing to access the online filing area of HMRC site.

What if I was going on holiday tomorrow, or even this afternoon, would my clients be penalized for late filing?

I have printed off the "Online Services Temporarily Unavailable" message and will use it as evidence if I fail to file on time.

I'm really really pissed off about this. Upset my planned Monday routine.

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