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HMRC online software

I've got an SA100 to submit but I've just discovered there is trust income. I use the HMRC software to file but it doesn't have the facility to include the trust pages. Therefore it looks like I'll have to send it in on paper, but the paper deadline has passed.

Does anyone know what the situation is regarding penalties? I've got a feeling that HMRC will issue a penalty but then cancel it, but I want to be sure before doing it.



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What I'm going to do is file the SA100, minus the trust pages online. Once that has gone in, send the trust pages on paper as an amendment. 

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Commercial software
If you are good with Excel, I would recommend TR software from Delightfully comprehensive and only £12.49 for pay-as-you go version if you don’t have many returns to file.

If you file on paper there will be a penalty.

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File an electronic fudge then amend by paper

Put the trust income in box 16 and the associated tax deduction in box 18 on page TR3.  This will give a Mark 1 self-assessment to submit electronically.  As you suggest, a Mark 2 self-assessment is then achieved using a paper amendment of the Mark 1 version.

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stop wasting time

buy some software , plenty of cheap options around

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