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HMRC orderline

HMRCs Orderline (Fax) isn't being picked up (08459000604 or 01619308444).

I only use it once a year, and now it's gone away. I'm sure Euan will tell me it can be done on line, but it's not in the Search database!

(Do they read Aweb? Soon as I posted this they picked up!)


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More likely

it ran out of paper this time last year and the person that filled it up has left to get a proper job!

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you were trying to fax before somebody had switched it on for the day

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OK then!

I will tell you it can be done on line here (assuming that you mean PAYE forms and booklets).

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Thanks Euan
But I've already tried that link. I want SA return pages.

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So, why didn't you say so?

Start here for the SA pages.

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