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HMRC Portal frozen

HMRC Portal frozen

More of an observation rather than a question.

HMRC online portal hasnt updated any information for over a week now.

We have had refund received via our client account that show as still with HMRC, filed returns which havent been captured, added people via online authorisation which havent popped up on client lists.

Not just us, agent helpline staff cannot see live data either.

Online services have confirmed receipt of our filings and say there is a problem but no clue as to what or when it will be sorted.

Main concern is our early filing which are mainly refunds which are being held up as auto refund as per return as almost always conveniently ignored.

Anyone else??


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By bbsltd
18th Apr 2012 16:00

Has anyone got through on the phone?

We've had the same problem and haven't been able to get through to the helpline .

From what you've said can you confirm that the returns are being processed and repayments issued and just not updated on screen.



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18th Apr 2012 20:21

ha ha ha

And these jokers think they can handle this every month under RTI!!!!!

What a shower!


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to lionofludesch
19th Apr 2012 10:10

It will be a miracle..........

mr. mischief wrote:

And these jokers think they can handle this every month under RTI!!!!!

What a shower!

.....if RTI works first time as expected. I hope it does for everyone's sake but since HMRC have never got any bit of IT to work correctly first time, I will not be holding my breath.

The difference is that this time, if RTI is chaotic, it will not only be accountants that will feel it but everyone who will get the new "Universal Credit".

Perhaps this will be when the "powers that be" finally realise that HMRC really is not fit for purpose.

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18th Apr 2012 20:57

it's true

Sure enough, not a single one of the 17 returns I submitted last week is showing up against any of the clients' accounts yet.

How rubbish is that?

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By K81
19th Apr 2012 10:13

HMRC are aware of the problem & have posted a note on their Service Issues page.

 This has happened before & is connected to the roll forward from one tax year to the next.

Patience people!

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19th Apr 2012 11:19

How hard can it be?

This happens every year at this time, it's a mess.  A good friend of mine is currently in charge of moving hundreds of thousands of bank accounts from RBS to Santander.  In terms of risk and IT challenge, and with the resource constraints, in my view much more challenging than the "same every year" tax database roll over.

Anyone with RBS or Santander accounts noticed anything happening?  Thought not.  Unless you happen to log in to your account every Saturday at 5 in the morning, you won't.

If my friend was running this the way HMRC run theirs every single year - usually twice per year - he'd have had a P45 in his hands years ago.  Though no doubt HMRC would only just be getting around to processing the P45.

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