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HMRC - RTI New Starter Checklist link

Hi all 

Is it just me but is anyone else having difficulty downloading HMRC's RTI New Starter Checklist link ? Have attached link here: 

I have a client who takes on lots of seasonal workers and this sounds like it would be an ideal form to gather new starter information.

Any help gratefully received


Katy D


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27th Feb 2013 12:54

Protected view

I have to turn off protected view to see anything other than a blank page.

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27th Feb 2013 12:54

The download works for me

... but the problem is that the form is one of those new-fangled inter-active PDF files on which you cannot proceed to the next page without completing all the obligatory fields on the first page and you cannot print off a complete blank form.  It means that it is only of use if employer and employee sit down together in front of a computer.

A much better option is the new form P46 (Short), which can be printed as a blank form on one page to hand out for completion by new employees.

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By Katy D
27th Feb 2013 13:49

Thanks - I did fill out the first page of the form, clicked "next" and nothing happened !


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27th Feb 2013 14:56

try this


a) get to the first page and click "print" (I printed to a pdf) and it has saved THE COMPLETE blank form including declaration to a pdf for printing later


b) fill in the first page (employee details) then click print and it prints the form prepopulated except the declaration which the employee can manually enter



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13th May 2014 14:06

Internet Explorer

It didn't work in Chrome so I had to use Internet Explorer for it to work

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