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HMRC service AGAIN

I've just had a very illuminating conversation with a complaints manager in an HMRC office.

There is a glitch in the CT system meaning any refund due in respect of a loss carry back, which is nominated elsewhere, in this case us against fees, isn't being recognised. They only because aware of this a month ago.

More interesting was his general lack enthusiasm. Apparently the Director of CT Operations thinks the system works swimmingly, despite anecdotal evidence that not an agent in the country can get through on the phone lines to anything other than the SA Agent lines.

He suggested agents use whatever means necessary to band together to make representations to the Board, as indivuidual complaints are dealt with just as that, individual complaints.

I've just had a quick look to see when the next working together meeting is, and there doesn't appear to be anything



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By Anonymous
11th May 2010 16:31

Never Beleive What You Are Told!

I am a dis-enchanted memeber of a local WT Group. Each time WT is relaunched we are told that Agents really are important to HMRC and that all the problems of the past will be overcome.....blah, blah!

In reality, each relaunch starts of with great enthusiasm. However, after a few months, they cut the resourses and, inparticular, the available staff...........  we go back to the same old shambles.

The very last people who seem to know of the existence of WT (or want to) are the Call Centre staff.

With those in repsonsibility now, more than ever before, geographically distanced from the areas that they service and frequently too busy to attend WT meetngs and be accountable, the current situation is perhaps even more unacceptable.

Time is running out HMRC if WT is to have any worthwhile place in our working relationships.


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By Anonymous
11th May 2010 16:42

Working together

I agree, I have been to WT meetings before, which served little purpose and dwindled away to nothing. The piont realy is we need some way to force the eyes of the Board open to the problems.

If The CT OPs Director really believes everything works fine and dandy he needs to be made aware, and I would say for the most part CT works significantly better than SA/PAYE.

If the number of individual complaints we make is irrelevant because the issues aren't seen globally we need to do something that shows the higher echelons of HMRC that their new ways of working quite simply don;t work.

Its been said before but Accountingweb/CIOT/ACCA/ICAEW tom Cobleyand all, need to marshall these complaints into something that WILL be heeded.

The alternative is not only disgruntled clients and agents, but a reduced tax take as P11ds aren't actioned, businesses go bust while waiting for payment/repayments etc.



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12th May 2010 14:56

Discussion group

AWeb and Taxation have combined to run an online Working Together group.  Join the HMRC Working Together discussion group at

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By Anonymous
14th May 2010 11:46

What Service?

After about three days of trying I managed to get through to CT Ops Mrythr Tydfil 2. The officer I spoke to said that, following the case transfers into the district, they now dealt with 400,000 companies. He said there were 36 staff on the section and four phones!!!

I'm amazed I got through. Shame I'm not so lucky with the lottery!!

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14th May 2010 16:25

Tell us who the Director of CT is

Can someone tell us who the Director of CT is and where he is. I have a plenty of cases which will disabuse him of the idea that everything is working well and I am sure there are thousands of other accountants out there who are in the same position.

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