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Holiday for a single middle aged accountant

It has been such a long time (years) since I went on a holiday. I really need one now.

As many know I am a single middle aged male. I do not know where to start in terms of holidays for singles.  I did google and found organisations like solos that are geared for single holidays.  I am not sure about this.

I am sure I am not the only single middle aged person here. They are bound to be others. I would be grateful for ideas (outside single specific organisations) where a guy like me could go on holiday.

Here is what I am looking for:

  • Cycling or walking holiday within Europe/UK. Though I am open to other options on destination/activity
  • Italy is my favourite destination
  • I do not drink - so wine tasting/beer holidays are out
  • I have never been into loud music so that is out 

If anyone has gone on single speicfic holidays what are they like?  Would you recommend this?



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Before I was married I holidayed three times with a company called "Solos" who do single holidays - Cyprus, Italy and Kenya with them. Well run, lovely groups each time, thoroughly recommended.

I think they divided holidays into 20s-40s and 40s to 60s, I was the younger end (!)

I ws very nervous before the first, but didn't need to be. Everyone was 'normal', many also there for a fest time and equally worried

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Solo's Too!

I used Solos quite a bit a few years back when taking a year out to travel in my early thirties. All holidays were great (both beach and active holidays) and I met my partner on one about 10 years ago! You do get a diverse range of folk on them but I normally found a group that I gelled with.

They used to do weekend breaks in the UK (sightseeing/active) so it might be worth trying one of them to see if it is your cup of tea.


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Have a look at . If you do not want any of the organised bits and can work out how to use the Lake Garda ferries then this is ideal for you. There is also an offsoot in Peschiera this  year

I have use them out of season and it is well worthhile


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Thanks for the helpful response. I am surprised that people responded. I thought this may be a taboo subject on AW. Thankfully it is not.

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Ha ha .. why taboo!?

Statistically there are a lot more single people in their middle years than ever before ... I don't think there is any stigma nowadays! Somewhere between various marriages I did one of those Trek America holidays. You fly to LA or wherever, join up with a dozen other people from all around the world and a tour leader and then drive back to New York. A great three weeks and superb life experience.

A bit closer to home there are lots of cheap breaks available where you volunteer and do things like dry stone walling or building footpaths in the high penines. Good for your diet as well FirstTab!!

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As a single middle aged male I had a great fly drive holiday in Florida. I ended up on the Gulf of Mexico and found a new appreciation of Salvador Dali after visiting the Dali gallery in St Petersburg. Met lots of friendly Americans, not all from Florida.

Even being hit by Hurricain Andrew didn't diminish the enjoyment!

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Have a look at Explore....adventure holidays in small groups (you can book a single room). You can pretty much go anywhere in the world and be as adventurous/unadventurous as you like. A friend of mine (in her late 40's) cycled the Danube with Explore and had a fantastic time. You can even cycle across Vietnam with them if you fancy that sort of thing. Just had a look on their site and they do two cycling holidays in Italy.


Good luck 

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Wanderlust mgzine

Try the private ads in wl mg.

Heed the advice on FCO website

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Contact Terry at


Lovely guy.


He organisies loads of trips and I know of friends who have gone along as singles and had a great time.


We used him a couple of times for school trips and he is great. We are usuing them at the end of March for a family trip - he adapts trips etc for individuals.

No extra costs for singles as far as I am aware.



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Just been to a client this morning ....

and they were talking about the fact they organise sailing holidays for single people ....


contact Heather at if life on the ocean wave appeals?

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Consider joining CTC

Many holidays organised see here

Emphasis on cheap so may end up sharing, which may or may not trouble you....

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Amsterdam's a popular location for singleton's I understand, and you can't move for bicycles.

It's not in Italy though. The food's also shite and the people have no sense of humour, but the beer's quite good.  The heineken "museum" is quite an enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours between your off piste activities (did I mention that the skiing was crap too?).  There's also excellent public transport, when your bike gets stolen.

Do say hello to Tanya Twin-Airbags for me!

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same problem...

Holiday Fellowship are a good option, a slightly more low key version of Explore. I have done a great walking trip to Sorrento including Pompeii etc. The dinner tables are set up so everyone has to sit together, so it is good for singles. They also do activity holidays in the UK.

Also Exodus are of the same ilk as Explore.

And depending on your inclinations Christian Guild do some walking and activity holidays in the UK.

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Have a look at Spice

As a previously middle aged singleton myself (but now married) I found Spice [] a great way to get out and do stuff on evenings, weekends and holidays without the commitment of joining a club.

They are an activities group not a singles club.


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Your next holiday

Without a doubt THAILAND.

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Singles holidays

Try a trek. Been doing exactly this thing for over 20 years.

My preferred operator is KE Adventure Travel, rated by National Geographic as one of the best operators in the world, bit but expensive than Exodus and Explore, but the service is better.

Whilst trekking holidays are n't generally marketed as singles holidays, in practice they will very often be that.

Why not be a bit more adventurous, Asia and South America have a lot going for them, failing that if you want something a bit closer to home Morocco is great plus its a lot cheaper than Europe!


One other tip, leave the mobile at home to make sure no one can get  in touch with you.


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you know it makes sense

Break out the Grecian 2000 . . . . and head for IBIZA!


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Or Disneyland

You could go to any of the family resorts, sit in the restaurants and parks and see families fighting over what to do next, or what not to do (and why they shouldnt do it!).

Make a point of sitting where you can see the queues for the rides, or food kiosks or better still the souvenir shops.

Then you wil be able to fully appreciate singletonhood :)

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Oak Hall

It is a Christian set up but you don't have to be a Christian.

Frankly, I would forget about being single just decide where you want to go and go for it.There are 1000's of people doing just that.Only problem is kind people who feel that they have to ask you to join them,!!!!


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Singles Holidays

Go on a singles holiday if you want a girlfriend. They are fun but there is some alcohol involved but the girls don't drink as much! Mauritius with Solos was great. Met a few girls there but drinking was a major activity. Food was great too.

You can go on holiday on your own. Thailand, Hong Kong or New York are great for a week. Or there are multi centre hols if you want to explore say the Far East. Bit of sun, bit of city.

If you want to walk go to a city. Hong Kong has seaside too. The fun of being on your own is you can do what you like when you like.


Personally I like alcohol, food and sun so Nice would do me. Without alcohol I dont know what you would do! If you walk around all day you will be in bed by 9 so you will be asleep when everyone is drinking.

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I maybe similar to you. Single, middle aged and bored. Chucked job at the end of June and have been travelling since October. India, Nepal, India again, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia now Vietnam. Will then be heading to Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka before heading back in April. Would particularly recommend Laos and Cambodia for a cheap laid back time.

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The Institute's Small Practitioner conference is a rivetting experience. No flying, airports or overseas travel involved. No drinking alcohol is advised anyway to avoid spending 2 days fast asleep.



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holiday options


hi there,


check out the Exodus website, there are choices of loads of cycling, walking, hiking holidays all over Europe and further afield and are geared towards the single traveller, the focus being on meeting people. I've been on a holiday to Madagascar 2 years ago with Exodus, it was extremely well organised and an amazing experience, there were only 12 in the group, all singles of all ages.



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what does it tell you about Accountants that a query about holidays has got more reads and reponses than any other topic this week? :-)

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Exactly this is the only thread that I keep checking in on to see what the OP decides and what other interesting ideas have been put forward! Maybe I need a holiday too!

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I found this hidden Gem, no kids allowed, one very large bedroom, right on the sea in a small Lanzarote village. A couple of local restaurants, good walking. Immaculate.

Good Luck.

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You great people

Thank you so much all for your response. I will look into all the recommendations and decide which way to go.

I will post my feedback within two weeks.

Please keep the recommendations coming.


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choice of Italian destinations - and elsewhere!

superb holidays and doesn't matter if you're married, single, going with a friend etc.

Plus you get to go by train and experience going through the Alps and actually seeing their beauty rather than just flying over them.


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possibly the Holiday Fellowship?

I had an enjoyable week walking on Arran (led by a geologist) with the Holiday Fellowship in about 1973, with a group of very mixed ages, and their website at  suggests they do holidays in Europe now too.

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If going to Italy check out Tuscany.Beautiful weather,architecture and food.

Negative--graffiti everywhere and if you use rail every piece of rolling stock has been graffitied.

Also,check out the great lakes in the North.

As stated above the TGV journey from Milan to Paris is amongst the most beautiful in the world-travel by day.At the Itallian/French border beware the French border Police--take no nonsense and aggressive unlike UK situation.

Further afield is Vancouver for the geat hunting shooting,fishing and the great out doors-recommended.

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dont forget Venice for plenty of walking exercise

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Italian lessons

I am booked in for lessons with  to learn some Italian and then going on one of the holiday weeks in Italy later in the summer

They have good write-ups - maybe you speak Italian already thoughh


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Another vote for Exodus

I'd unreservedly recommend Exodus.  They cater well for singles in mixed groups of couples and singles of all ages so their holidays are for like minded people rather than youngsters looking to 'pull'.  They offer a great mix of walking and cycling holidays in Europe and further afield together with conducted tours by coach or smaller vehicles for the less energetic.

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Little Paris-Riga,Latvia

Try undiscovered Riga before word gets round.A must see city with lots to see.Good for walking,cycling,sight seeing history.


Try a long weekend Fri-Mon-you will not be disappointed.


Ryanair Monday and Friday flights by co-incidence.


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