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I am currently in full time employment but manage a small portfolio of clients on a self employed basis (evenings and weekends).  The self employed work generates roughly £5k turnover each year.

To make life a little easier for me I'm thinking about hosting options for VT, Moneysoft payroll and BTC or Tax Calc (not sure which to buy yet).  Are there any cost effective hosting options given the very small turnover currently generated?  


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31st Jul 2012 09:25

Why would you want a hosted solution for such a small set-up?


what I do - I have VT, Tax Calc and Moneysoft installed on both my pc and my laptop - and I save all my data files on Dropbox so I can access the data on either machine. Dropbox acts as a backup of my data as well. 


P.S. I am lead to believe this method doesn't work so well if you are using BTC as it works of a shared database.

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By dreamcatcher
31st Jul 2012 10:22


BigBadWolf wrote:

Why would you want a hosted solution for such a small set-up?

I have considered the drop box option but I would like to be able to do bits of work at my (employed) desk before work and during lunch without having to install my software on both home and work computers.  Whilst my employer has no problem with me doing a small amount of self employed work I don't want to take advantage of their good nature.  So hosting seemed the logical option, if it can be done cost effectively.

I also want to fully commit to using Mac from what I have read I understand that hosting will achieve this. 

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31st Jul 2012 13:19


Why not use logmein - from your work computer to log on to your home pc (which has all the software installed) ?

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31st Jul 2012 17:24

I can fully recommend dropbox - extremely robust and reliable file synching system - and they have just halved their costs to compete with google drive.

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31st Jul 2012 17:37

As BBW said above, logmein or teamviewer will do exactly what you want.  They are both free to trial (and for non commercial use....) so you wont have wasted much other than an hour of your time.

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