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how do I find a good bookkeeper to work with?

how do I find a good bookkeeper to work with?

We're a home based accountancy practice and I am looking to find a bookkeeper to handle on site or off site books of clients, using whatever package the client has.

How do I go about finding one I can trust and is good?


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16th Sep 2010 09:59

ICB Web site

You could try advertising on the ICB web site - you will know that you are getting replies from qualified bookkeepers

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16th Sep 2010 10:07

many thanks

now with regards to fees - I will be charging the client pe hour and add a margin -

What should I be paying my bookkeeper - is 25 too low. too much

They have to use Quickbooks on site 4 hrs per week, bank recon, standard stuff

Area is Surrey - dangerously close to London

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16th Sep 2010 12:49

Fees sound a bit high

I think that £25p/h sounds a bit high, especially if you are then going to add a margin to charge to the client. If the client is happy to pay this rate then great, but I suspect not.

I charge my clients for bookkeeping work done by me at between £25 and £30 per hour, on the basis that the work is being done by a qualified Chartered Accountant and in doing the b/k work, the year end work/tax return etc will be quicker (and less expensive for the client) because I have a good knowledge of the figures before I've even started (if that makes sense!).

Most clients are happy to go ahead on that basis, but I'm not sure they would feel the same if I was outsourcing to a bookkeeper. 

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