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How do I register for VAT number

How do I register for VAT number

Where or how do I go about registering for a VAT number. My company is dormant..but I need to get a VAT as I am in operation.
Jotham Siya


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14th Mar 2000 10:49

Ring the helpline
Why not ring the main helpline number: 0345 143 143 ? That way you can speak to a real person and perhaps get some quick answers.

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By gbms
14th Mar 2000 00:22

Information on line
For information about registering for VAT and whether you can do so, see the Customs & Excise site, and in particular the Business Information section. This section contains the address of your local VAT office and the relevant publications that you should read (in particular Notice 700/1 - Should I be Registered for VAT?).

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