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How do you print "Any Answers" threads?

In the good old days I just had to press a "print friendlY" button on Any Answers to print out a nice thread for my reference files. That button seems to have disappeared, the "Print" link at the top seems to take you nowhere, and I can't work out how to get a print-friendly version for printing?

Any clues from the technologists out there....????


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Copy and paste to Word, and then print?

That's the best solution that I can think of.

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Prints fine

It prints fine for me if you just hit "print"... especially if you choose "shrink to fit page"

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Control + P

I just hit control and P. And print to PDF.

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Hi Dave

The print link is working okay at this end too. 

Which browser are you using and which version? Just trying to think whether that would cause any issues.



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I've tried IE & Chrome

I just get the opening post, and none of the responses, Jenny.

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I'm on Firefox and there is no Print link on the page (not sure if there is supposed to be or not), I'm using the browser's print function - which is fine, everything comes out ok.

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I've got the same problem as Shirley M.

I'm using Google Chrome.

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Same here

I use Google Chrome and can print the question but not the replies.

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No problems here...

Here's how (IE)..

Print previewPage size set to 100%Print

The only issue might be 2 or 3 superfluous pages at the end (easily sorted by selecting page numbers to exclude last 2 or 3).

If the above fails to work, then it sounds like an IE setting issues on individual computers.


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Agreed DMGbus

I have not been able to print before - as Shirley says only the question showed - but I hadn't gone thorugh preview.

The first time I tried it threw an error but the next it worked fine

Thank you

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Are you using print preview for the page image, or are you using the print button, and then page preview?

I can get the whole thing in print preview, or just the text by using the print button, but the text only has the opening post.

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Print preview...

First I go to print preview, then select 100% for the scaling (this gets rid of right hand column / advertising etc).   I have a short cut icon added to the browser and usually use this icon - but appears to work same way going File > Print Preview.    Do NOT select printer until print preview shows an acceptable pages image for printing.


The result is that I can then, in print preview scroll through 5 pages on this posting of which pages 4 and 5 are superfluous - so just pages 1 to 3 are required.  I then select pages 1 - 3 and print to .pdf and a 3-page pdf of the question + all the answers is obtained.


The above is in IE on a Windows 7 machine.  IE is version 9.0.8112.16241.

Same proceedure works on a Win XP Professional machine with IE8.


Not so good in Google Chrome browser where in print preview there is no scaling option visible, so in effect Google Chrome is useless for this website if printing is required.



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