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How to contact HMRC Shipley

I have a client who often pays PAYE early, thus ensuring HMRC allocate it to the wrong period.

I have tried calling Shipley, but it is impossible to speak to a human. Even if I could get through, I wonder whether they would speak to me as I registered to file online for this client, but don't have a 64-8 in place.

1. Will they take any notice if I draft a letter for the client to send to them, reallocating the payment to the correct period?

2. Am I right in thinking I should lodge a 64-8 with them if I want to speak to them?


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Yes, you will need a 64-8. They won't speak to you without one. However, if you set the PAYE scheme up they may already have your details

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use the right payslip

If he pays with a payslip, if he uses the right one, it should get allocated to the intended period. Same if he pays online - he can change the reference - eg adding 1211 to the end, will allocate the payment to March 2012 (11th month, in 11/12).

Even if he doesn't, what difference does it make anyway? As long as it's in the right year, it will all come together at year end. Even in-year penalties shouldn't make a difference as he's paid early.

And if necessary, just file a nil return for months that no (further) payment due.

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Good Answers - thank you!

I will fill in a 64-8. Client pays online but cannot be relied upon to keep changing the reference.

At this time of year we will be OK as AIWalters says. I can see all sorts of problems next year if I don't send strict instructions/dates when PAYE is to be paid. But the idea of nil returns when trying to catch up is a good one.



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it makes a difference...

I too have a client who used to do this and it does make a diffrence because HMRC is always out of sync. Some years they sort it out; some years they don't seem to bother.

But when they sort it out it pushes the problem into the previous year and then it starts all over again.

For 2009/10 we have been trying to get them to sort it - giving them the correct allocations of the payments made. They gave us the information that they had but is was loads of random numbers mostly called "re-allocation".

We wrote to them on 24 October estting it all out and heard nothing until the bailiffs rolled up on 24 January. The MD - who doesn't deal with this sort of stuff promised a cheque for whatever was owing! But as there is nothing is owing no cheque has been sent.

Instead we wrote a letter complaining.

Incidentally the company provides services and has no tangible assets; but of course they would need to look at the accounts to see that!

No doubt we will se what happens in due course.....

Meanwhile I must get on with something useful......


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